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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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the country. four police officers -- shot in three states this weekend. plus... violent battles between police and protestors over a pipeline construction. and hundreds across the country perform for the pope this weekend. among them -- a group of eastern iowa high schoolers. good morning, i'm ally crutcher.
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eileen on camera from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: we still have temperatures in the morning... a bit below normal. winds are light to around 10 mph from the east and will turn a bit more to the southeast... and be mainly around 10 mph this afternoon. we should stay mainly clear today tonight as the next system tracks in. but today... mostly winds mainly around 10 mph. we times. i'll explain coming up. it's a very dangerous job... but
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ambushed in other parts of the country. this comes just weeks after two iowa officers were shot and killed. in texas -- san antonio police released a picture of a person of interest in the deadly shooting of an officer. investigators say detective benjamin marconi stopped a driver and was writing a ticket in his patrol car. that's when the suspect pulled up, got out, walked up to off... "most families will be - by a suspect who will be caught the officer died at the hospital. in saint louis -- an officer was shot twice in the head. he was sitting in a squad car when another car pulled up and started shooting. the officer is expected to survive. hours later -- authorities killed the shooter after he started firing at police again. no other officers were injured.
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during a traffic stop. police say the officer and two suspects were shot. one of the suspects died. no word on how the other two are doing. but -- the kansas city fraternal order of police says the officer is expected to survive. an officer in florida is now out of the hospital following a shooting there. a suspect has been arrested. police say the shooting happened during a routine traffic stop. the neighborhood in which the suspect was caught was put on two teens have been charged in killing the grandson of congressman danny davis. they're charged with first degree murder. authorities say the two suspects killed the young boy in a fight over clothes and shoes this weekend. investigators say the fight escalated -- and the 15-year- old was shot and killed... "i grieve for my family... i
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held without bond. thousands of dollars in damage. iowa city police say five teenagers damaged homes and cars with b-b guns. authorities say when they pulled them over -- the teens admitted vandalizing the homes and cars -- and police found b- b's inside the car. at least 35 damage reports were made in two days. the linn county sheriff's office is searching for an inmate who authorities say wendee chalupa was sent to mercy hospital to be evaluated for a medical condition. they say she left the hospital - without the staff knowing - around 7:30 last night. if you have any information about where she might be -- call police. this morning -- a tense standoff between protesters and police continues in north dakota. four-hundred people are protesting the dakota access pipeline -- and it was a violent
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protesters say police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at them. they also say firefighters are spraying them with a water cannon. but firefighters say they're using hoses to put out fires set by protesters. the pipelin would stretch through four states, including iowa. the standing rock sioux has been proesting the project for months. they're worried about the impact it will have on their water -- and a number of sacred sites. standing against inequality. more than 100 people taking part in a black lives matter march in -- but organizers felt the event was important. some people admitted to showing prejudice in the past... "you know, i did a lot of awful things, said a lot of awful things to people. projected myself as a racist and you know, it's something that's been holding me back for a long time, that hate that i felt inside." they say it's about making their community inclusive for all.
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a truck hydroplaned in california... crossed the center divide... hit a guardrail... then overturned. 29-thousand pounds of toilet paper and paper towels spilled onto the highway... along with 80 gallons of diesel fuel. "this trailer is destroyed. we can't bring it up the way it was in one piece, so we have to compromised too bad." troopers say three cars were involved in the crash. no one a firefighter dies trying to rescue people falling in a river. it happened in georgia. the docks collapsed - sending at least a dozen people into the water. crews believe the firefighter had some kind of a medical problem during the rescue. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. in all -- nearly 30 people got hurt. more than 100 people have died after a train derails in northern india. fourteen cars went off the tracks. rescue workers did what they could to pull out survivors.
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train accidents in years. crew members are evacuated from a cargo ship after it reportedly hit a barge. the british coast guard says it started taking on water -- it lost power in a storm. forecasters say 68 mile per hour winds hit the coast --gusting to almost 100 miles per hour offshore. 60 days from today -- donald trump will be sworn in as president. this morning, we're getting a good idea of who's been considered for top positions in his admr interviewed more than a dozen candidates at his new jersey governor and republican nominee mitt romney "governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state." so is former new york mayor and campaign confidant rudy guliani. chris christie - who was ousted as head of the transition - had a 30 minute sit-down with the
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kansas secretary of state kris kobach was called in. he's been tough on immigration. retired marine corps general james mattis seems to be a favorite for secretary of defense. mr. trump tweeted that mattis was "impressive." "i know that president-elect trump loves leaders like general mattis." billionaire investor wilber ross was in, reportedly secretary. then new administration will have to deal with democrats in congress poised to put up a fight, but signaling cooperation in some areas. "we could get a major infrastructure bill done," maybe even in the first 100 days of his presidency." rick perry - who also ran for president - schedule to meet with the president-elect today. he's reportedly being considered for three different cabinet positions: defense, energy and veterans affairs. from washington, i'm tracie potts. as the president- elect builds his
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barron will not be living at the white house come january. they decided the two would stay in new york so their son can finish the school year there. former president jimmy carter delivered his weekly sunday school address in georgia.. he asked his congregation to pray for president-elect donald trump... we have a very diverse population, and we've met any kind of challenges in the past, i think fairly successfully, and i think we need to give mr. trump an opportunity to do the best he can." president carter teaches sunday school several weeks a year. new this morning -- finding more than one way to protect and serve. the cedar falls fire department is giving back this thanksgiving season. kwwl's amanda gilbert joins us live in cedar falls to show us what they did. the cedar falls fire department partnered with the cedar valley hy- vees. together they bought thanksgiving meals for four
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i joined the fire department when they went on their shopping trip. they made sure to get everything from desserts and side dishes... to turkey and ham. the fire department said they started doing this a few years ago...and hope it will continue to grow. "firefighters are here to help protect adn serve their communities and this is all a part of that." the firefighters paid for two of the mealse valley hy-vees paid for the other two. the families then came to the fire station and picked up the food later in the day. live in cedar falls... amanda gilbert... news 7 kwwl. the cedar falls fire station also plans to help some kids pick out their christmas gifts at walmart in a few weeks. decades after he died defending our country -- an iowa hero will be buried today.
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in battle in 1943 --but his remains were not recovered until just recently. he'll be buried with full military honors today at arlington national cemetery in washington, d.c. an eastern iowa choir performs for the pope. they joined hundreds of students across the country at the vatican where the pope marked the official end of the holy year. 70-thousand people were at the mass. here in eastern iowa -- another high school choir helped a rock band with want you to show me." these cedar falls high schoolers got the opportunity to sing with the group foreigner. they performed at the gallagher- bluedorn saturday night. people there say they put on a great
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in iowa.... black friday is almost here -- but we're learning expectations are different this year. plus... preparations underway for a decades-long holiday tradition. those stories plus the forecast from storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan coming
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"now your storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan now for your forecast forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: our stormtrack7 live weather network
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today. we could have a light mix in some northern counties late tonight into early tomorrow morning, but it will be mainly rainy and breezy tomorrow with gusts and rain continuing into wednesday. this morning's temperatures are in the upper teens to low 20s in our viewing area with more mid to upper 20s to our west. easterly winds are light to 10 mph and will become more ahead of the system to our west... producing lots of clouds and some light rain and snow in the rockies. we will have that system track our way tomorrow... we could have a light mix late tonight and early tomorrow morning before all takes over for the day. and it will continue into wednesday morning. we aren't expecting much of any frozen precipitation, but we could get
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evening... with more rain through wednesday. today will be mainly sunny with highs in the upper 30s to mid 40s and southeast winds around 10 mph. a few areas of our northern counties may get a light mix late tonight, otherwise mostly cloudy and becoming gusty. lows in the mid 20s to around 30. cloudy and breezy tomorrow with rain likely, although we may have an hour or so of a light mix early in the morning. highs will be in the upper 30s to mid 40s for tuesday afternoon. rain continues into wednesday with breezy conditions, too. we dry out for thanksgiving day with a few rain/snow showers dry friday and saturday with another chance of sunday. highs this week will be mainly in the low to mid 40s with lows mainly in the upper 20s to mid 30s. morning. highs will be in the upper 30s to mid 40s for tuesday afternoon. rain continues into wednesday with breezy conditions, too. we dry out for
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possible thursday night. mainly dry friday and saturday with another chance of rain/snow showers saturday night. dry and breezy for sunday. highs this week will be mainly in the low to mid 40s with lows mainly in the upper 20s to mid 30s. the emergency room is about the worst vacation destination you can imagine..... but a new survey says a lot of people have to go there. how to prepare yourself coming up. plus... as you travel to your thanksgiving destination -- a special deal if you're facing difficulties on the road. stay with k-w-w-l, we've got you covered.
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period of the year.. but as chris clackum tells us -- some retail experts are ng (crowd going into store on black friday) a possible upside to black friday's definitely a few shades different than it use to be. "so, gray friday is actually a term that makes some sense." villanova marketing professor charles taylor... biggest retail shopping day of the year, by a wide margin" but black friday shopping, he says, is losing its luster ...and ...other retail experts say... so is cyber monday.
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extended well before.. and after..the monday following thanksgiving... ...driven largely by millennials who have different shopping habits. "studies are showing that millenials actually like a longer christmas season, and don't even seem to mind so much if it and again this year, men are expected to outspend women during the first official weekend of chris clackum, nbc news. the big thanksgiving shopping weekend is just days away. a new survey says more than 137 million americans are planning to shop or considering to shop over thanksgiving weekend. that's will remain the busiest shopping day
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allstate wants to help keep drivers moving on one of the busiest travel days of the year. this wednesday, allstate will offer roadside rescues for just two dollars through its app and mobile website. you can use it for emergencies, like tows, flat tires, jump starts, if you lock your keys in the car, or run out of gas. the emergency room is about the worst vacation destination you can imagine..... but a new survey finds a quarter of vacations include some kind of medical e all prescriptions before you leave on vacation and pack them in a carry-on in case luggage gets lost. never try and power through if you don't feel well. if you are sick before you leave, and you wouldn't go to work that day, now to a consumer alert -- a popular brand of hummus is being recalled. sabra issuing the recall because of a possible listeria outbreak.
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november eighth at a plant where listeria was found. you should get rid of any products with a "best before date" through january 23rd of next year on the lid. for more information -- visit our website -- kwwl dot com. it's only three days away -- thanksgiving -- and the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. today the city of new york and new york historical society will unveil a plaque that marks the parade's official starting line. a few special guest performers from this year's ad you can watch the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade thursday morning at eight -- right here on kwwl. a parade of parody in pasadena. the annual doo dah parade -- known as the "twisted sister" of the conventional rose bowl parade. it began in 1978 as a way to gain national attention for its satire. tonight -- the 35th annual mike and leona adams thanksgiving dinner. the adams built a partnership between veridian and the local uaw to offer the first free thanksgiving
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since passed, the tradition continues. you're looking at video from last year -- where more than a thousand meals were served. the event is free to anyone in need of a hot meal. here's a live look at storm track seven meteorologist
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eileen loan is back with another mostly sunny today with highs in
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areas with a rain/snow/sleet mix tonight and again tuesday night. rainfall amounts around half an inch through tuesday. mainly dry thursday night and again
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got you covered. this is today in iowa." noo and disorder overnight. a pipeline protest out of hand... so who's to blame? plus, a powerful show of support for law enforcement in eastern iowa. this comes as more officers are attacked in other parts of the country. and this fire in a truck is caused by a truck. a toy truck -- which burst into flames. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist
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forecast. eileen on camera we still have temperatures in the upper teens to low 20s this morning... a bit below normal. winds are light to around 10 mph from the east and will turn a bit more to the southeast... and be mainly around 10 mph this afternoon. we shoulda today with a few more clouds this afternoon... most of the clouds track in tonight as the next system tracks in. but today... mostly sunny with highs in the upper 30s to mid 50s with southeast winds mainly around 10 mph. we do have a couple of days of rain, but could also have some snow and sleet mixing in at developing overnight: developing overnight: chaos in
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400 people protesting the dakota access pipeline face off with law enforcement. they've been trying to cross a bridge. officers formed a line to stop them -- and it appears police have been using water cannons to keep them back. firefigthers say they're using hoses to put out fires set by protesters. the pipeline is almost done -- about 85-percent of it has been built. the standing rock sioux tribe has been protesting the construction for months -- saying it will pollute the t the pipeline would stretch through four states, including iowa. now to another big story this morning: ambush attacks against law enforcement in several states. one officer -- shot and killed in texas. two more officers -- shot in missouri. another officer targeted in florida. reid binion has the latest on each investigation. "most families will be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be burying one of its own." san antonio police chief william
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authorities describe as the targeted, deadly shooting of an officer sunday. "it's everyone's worst nightmare. we never want to see anything like this happen." police say 50-year- old detective benjamin marconi was killed in his patrol car outside police headquarters. he had just returned to his vehicle to write a ticket for a driver he pulled over... ...when another driver pulled up behind him, got out, and approached the detectives window. the assailant then shot marconi in the head, reached through the window and shot a second time... ...then fled the scene in what police believe was a black sedan. in saint louis -- another ic authorities are calling a targeted attack. the 46-year-old sergeant -- ambushed when police say a vehicle pulled up next to his marked car and opened fire. "this officer was not involved in a traffic stop. this officer was not trying to pull this car over." the officer was shot twice in the head - but is expected to survive. police say the suspect was later killed after again shooting at officers. also in missouri -- an officer shot in gladstone -- near kansas city- the governor asking for prayers for that officer. and in florida -- yet another shooting. the officer -- hospitalized after being shot
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after an exchange of gunfire with police. i'm reid binion reporting. sunday's deadly shooting in san antonio comes less than five in dallas. earlier this month, two officers were killed in ambush attacks in central iowa. a big turnout for a prayer service for police officers in eastern iowa. many say they're worried about officers. they're also concerned about the relationship they have with the community. this service in cedar rapids -- one of a handful in eastern people and that's exactly what our officers do daily, they are and we respect that greatly." one cedar rapids officer says this isn't about her and the department -- it's about the entire community. people also came together in today, the man who kidnapped and killed an 11-year- old boy in minnesota will be sentenced. danny heinrich is expected get 20
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pornography. that was part of an agreement involving his confession to kidnapping and murdering jacob wetterling in 1989. he led investigators to the boy's body in september. we'd like to remind you again -- right here in eastern iowa -- the search continues for the killer or killers of lyric cook and elizabeth collins. they were taken in evansdale in 20-12 -- their bodies were found several months later a reward is available for anyone authorities are taking another look at a shooting that happened the victim has died from complications connected to the shooting. waterloo police re-classified the case as a homicide -- instead of assault. shawn north died in august. he had been paralyzed since being shot in 2001. investigators say they'll talk to witnesses and try to find new information. a hot toy could be to blame for a fire -- and now, there's a recall. a tonka truck apparently burst into flames after a couple bought it for their grandchild as a christmas present.
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happened. toys "r" us responded with an apology, a refund, and a recall. they say this appears to be an isolated incident, but they'll pull the toy from shelves until a cedar rapids man and his two dogs are safe this morning -- following a house fire. it happened on first avenue south east saturday night. firefighters say the man was taken to the hospital and they were able to get his two dogs now to the white se president-elect donald trump says he made a couple of deals as he works out his cabinet -- but he's not saying much more than that. he met with mitt romney over the weekend -- along with rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie. reporters asked if giuliani is being considered for secretary of state. trump said -- that -- along with "and other things." trump said christie is "smart and tough" and called him a in new york -- hundreds protested the selection of steve bannon as trump's chief strategist.
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describing him as an intense and focused leader. they disagree... including jewish people, muslim minority group that wants him gone and we hope donald trump hears that." trump's pick for chief of staff- reince priebus- has said bannon was "a force for good on the campaign". president obama says he does not plan to be a constant critic of donald trump. he took questions after an economic summit in pe office and give the president-elect an opportunity to put forward his platform and his arguments without somebody popping off in every instance." the president says people need to take a wait and see approach -- to
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campaign trail. drake university is considering whether to take an official stand in supporting students who are in the country illegally. the faculty senate passed a resolution urging the administration to protect those students. cynthia foder tells us about efforts to "i myself am an undocumented student from mexico." jose garcia hopes to become a lawyer. he has been in this country since he was 3 years old. "my mom brought me to us at has always worried about being deported regardless of who has could be gone at any minute" to protect garcia and others who are working hard to get an education and become productive citizens. critical legal theory, writing
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darcie vandegrift co- sponsored the resolution to declare drake a sanctuary campus. "how do we publicly declare support, have their backs, find mental health care, recog stress and fear causing them and their fams" the administration says it stands in support of all (vanessa macro, drake chief admin officer) "our obligation is to do what law requires of us, and if we don't, we are at risk of losing the university said it will set up counseling services and workshops after thanksgiving break to help those students
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different countries on campus. tonight, shopping and the environment will be a focus at the dubuque city council meeting. some students want to cut down on the use of plastic bags. students with the loras college honors project say most plastic bags end up in landfills and waterways like the mississippi river... they plan to give several options to the council, including a ban. also today -- a meeting in the dubuque school district after complaints about a book. parents are upset about material in the book -- the perks of being a the superintendent says a committee will talk about it and could consider changes to a broader policy about books used in class. the meeting is today at four. a unique partnership... an eastern iowa grocery store and fire station team up to give back. kwwl's amanda gilbert joins us live in cedar falls... you can the cedar falls fire station and the cedar valley hyvees worked together this holiday season -- to help families put thanksgiving dinner on the
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(nats of food shopping) the cedar falls fire department has a big grocery list.... "lets go back and get the ham and turkey." "lets get some allt his food the fire station is getting... isn't for them... they're getting thanksgiving meals for 4 different cedar falls families." "it's what we do. firefighters are here to he this is all part of that.." the firefighters are buying two of the meals... "thank you" and the cedar valley hy-vees are buying the other two.. . "thanks for waht you guys do." "favorite part is when we get to deliver the food to the families, and see their appreciation, that's the part that makes you feel good." trying to help less people go hungry on the holidays. "that looks good." the cedar falls fire station
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the meals for... live in cedar falls... amanda gilbert... news 7 kwwl. the fire station says they're going to buy christmas gifts for kids in a few weeks. they plan on shopping with the kids at walmart. now has company. three people arrived on saturday -- including an iowa native. we've been telling you a lot about peggy whitson in the last week. she's the oldest and most experienced woman to orbit the earth. also she already holds the most time in space for a woman. by the time she returns home next spring -- she should break the record for any american, man or woman. she's from the tiny town of beaconsfield -- in southern
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can u-n-i make it three wins in four days? the panthers go for a tournament championship against a ranked team. plus, he's supposed to capture the sights and sounds of collisions on the field... not become part of one. "you're watching kwwl, and meteorologist eileen loan.
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." let's go to storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan now for your forecast forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: our stormtrack7 live weather
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cameras are dry now, and will be mainly sunny today. we could have a light mix in some into early tomorrow morning, but it will be mainly rainy and breezy tomorrow with gusts
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morning's temperatures are in the upper teens to low 20s in our viewing area with more easterly winds are light to 10 mph and will become more southeasterly today. that is ahead of the
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the wind is howling and the snow is falling in other parts of the country. this video is out of rochester, new york where the snow fell overnight at a rate of one to two inches an hour. wind gusts topped thirty miles an hour. tough to see on the road. because of that, the sheriff's office asked people to stay off the road. flights were also delayed or cancelled. that first snowstorm of the season. that's exactly what happened in minnesota -- where the conditions were awful in parts of the state on friday and saturday. they had 450 crashes -- including two that were deadly on friday. a trooper was also hurt on saturday when a car hit his someone else. still to come this morning: the cyclones try to do something on the court they've never done before. plus -- people wait in line for
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will never forget. the panthers took down number one north carolina at the mcleod center. last night, uni had a chance to knock off another ranked team. this time -- number eleven xavier in the championship of the tire pros invitational in orlando. panthers off to a strong start. jeremy morgan for three. 10-5 uni. later in the first half, it's
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game. the game is tied at 30 at the half. second half, xavier would begin to take control. tyrique jones right there -- musketeers ahead by 12. panthers -- like they did against oklahoma the other night -- would battle back. jordan ashton makes it a 5 point game. u-n-i could not come all the way back -- as they did against the sooners. the panthers fall 67-59. u-n-i is back in action this saturday against the same team. they go to xavier. if you like offense, ames was the place to be over the weekend. a day after the cyclones football team put up 66 points -- the basketball team almost doubled it. iowa state hosting the citadel. an outstanding day for monte morris. he had 17 points, 10 assists and rebounds -- the fifth triple double in iowa state history. the cyclones with a school record 130 points. the final 130 to 63. iowa state plays indiana state on
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their first loss of the year -- hosing rio grande valley. tyler cook another good game for iowa. he would have 15. peter jok would lead the hawks again. he had 27 and iowa would roll 95-67. the hawks have a huge challenge in front of them on friday. playing number eight virginia in a tournament in florida. the minnesota vikings defense is known for taking down opponents. even if you're not dressed in got leveled during minnesota's pre- game rush yesterday. wrong place, wrong time for bernie. he rallied. bernie got up and went back to work. so did the vikings. they snapped a four game losing streak with a win over arizona. here's something you don't see everyday... a 55 year old college
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thomas making history. it's believed he's the oldest college football player to ever see playing time in a game. he took a handoff and gained three yards. he's thankful he was given a chance to prove his doubters wrong. "i've been waiting on this dream for 36 years or better. thank god it happened today." he says a lot of people listen to other people and don't follow up on their own dreams. he says he didn't pay attention to them. the savings are adding up for drivers just as the holiday travel season begins to pick up. the price of gas is down. it dropped six cents over the past two weeks. the national average is now at 2-20 a gallon. it's cheaper in iowa -- and in cents cheaper. gas-buddy-dot- com says people in west des moines are filling up for 1-71 this morning. a church in milwaukee has people
5:55 am
store to host a gas giveaway. some people waited in line almost two hours for free gas. the church has now had a gas giveaway four times. it's you're watching today in iowa on k-
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mostly sunny today with highs in night. rainfall amounts around rain/snow showers thursday night and again saturday night. here's a live look outside at , there's another hour of today in iowa coming up right here on
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now on today in iowa... violent battles overnight over a pipeline. and -- iowa firefighters work to make sure people in their community will have a happy thanksgiving. here's a live look at our good morning it's 6 a-m -- today is . good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. we still have temperatures in


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